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MASTER’S HANDS course outlines the foundational principles of working within different working zones or techniques. These will be found useful to both lower-intermediate level masters and more experienced artists. The course is composed of 10 modules. All material included in the course will be accessible to you for 1 full year from the moment of the purchase - any time, any place.


1. Introduction
2. 5 Main Aspects of Micropigmentation
3. Position of the Master
4. Position of the hands
5. Different zones (eyes, eyebrows, lips)
6. Movement of the hands
7. Line and shading techniques
8. Special exercises
9. Bonus module
10. Conclusion

By purchasing this course, you will obtain instant access to:

● 40+ video lessons in 10 modules
● 15 hours of LIVE sessions recordings
● Availability to learn 24/7 at your convenience
● Access to the private Facebook group
● Downloadable PDF material
● Certificate of completion 🏆