The Device for a True Micropigmentation Artist

Esteticline MASTER+

Combining Nataliya Yeremenko’s vast expertise and know-how in PMU with the latest innovation and technological capabilities of the production industry, we proudly introduce to you the device that is the perfect solution for permanent make-up and micropigmentation: 

Esteticline Master+

the ideal assistant for a master who seeks perfection with every procedure.

Master+ is equipped with two handpieces.

The needle-nozzle handpiece will make it easy to create ultra-thin and precise lines, ideal for techniques imitating natural hairs. The thin metal tip of the nozzle helps the needle to stay in a stable position, which allows the technician to clearly feel the needle's penetration of the skin, control the depth of needle, the thickness of the lines and monitor the quantity of implanted pigment.

The handpiece for the cartridges is designed specifically for performing shading techniques. The wide configuration of the needles allows the technician to masterfully and quickly perform the shading with desired density on different areas of the skin. The use of cartridges allows to cover a larger area in less time.

Only high quality, single use, sterile needles and cartridges are used with this device, which guarantees high level of hygiene and safety.

The intuitive control panel is easy to understand and comfortable to use. Durable press-down buttons allow to choose between the handpieces and change the speed during the procedure.

minimum SOUND
minimum HEATING


The main advantages of the Esteticline Master+ are convenience and comfort when working with the device. It also combines two of the most important qualities: power and delicacy.

Extremely Precise Results

Convenience and Comfort

Power and Delicacy Combined

Low Pigment


  • Frame: durable solid stainless steel
  • Power: 230V AC / 9V DC
  • Range of speed: 17 levels (90-250)
  • Measurements: 230 x 160 x 20 (55)
  • Weight: ~ 1300 g


  • Weight: ~ 100 g
  • Max needle depth: ~ 2 mm


  • Device with a needle / nozzle handpiece 2300 €
  • Device with two handpieces 2900 €
  • Prices exclude VAT


We also offer a variety of consumables (needles, cartridges, tips, etc.). Please download our consumables catalogue here:

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